Cloud slime making with SlimeObsidian

Learn how to make amazing cloud slime from the master himself Slime
obsidian! He will show you his method, make batches of slime, then will
give you your own base of cloud slime to decorate and customize


Clay Slime with SomeOther Slimes

Learn how to make clay slime from the queen of clay slime herself,
Someotherslime! Sasha will show you how to blend different clays to make
an incredible clay textured slime. You will be able to use different add
ins to make your slime really shine!


White Glue Floam with Parakeet Slimes

Learn how to make a crunchy white glue floam from the expert of floams
herself, Parakeet Slimes! Marisa will show you how to make the perfect
base that creates the crunchiest floams with no bead fallout out!
Customize it with a variety of add ins.


Thick and Glossy with Bookshelf Slimes

Learn how to make thick and glossy slime from the professional slime
maker herself, Bookshelf Slimes! Rachel will show you how to make an
extremely thick and glossy slime that will be your new favorite recipe!
You will be able to customize your creation with  different add-ins
create your own unique slime!